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"Historical Find Discovered in Excavation"

Headlines New York City / Feb 4th 2003

Story By: Thomas Fisher - NYC Times


     A recent excavation project on a New York State University campus, has led to a mysterious and  frightening discovery.


     The Antonio Gerasi Construction Corp. (A.G.C. Corp.) had been contracted last October by the university. Their job, to tunnel underground and install new wiring for the campus’ new computer networking system. While digging near the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, the construction workers uncovered what looked to be a rotting wooden crate. The crate laid dormant, five feet under the surface. It's estimated, it had been untouched for over 200 years


Inside the crate, a burlap bag containing dozens of old wooden blocks (as described by A.G.C. Corp. employee Martin Sarkiero). These boxes were later identified by historians as "puzzle boxes" (Lament Configurations) created by Philip Lemarchand, the French architect and genius of the occult. A background check further revealed that the site of the current library (70 Washington Square) was once the site of LeMarchand’s New York home. Even the library itself bears a striking resemblance to one of the puzzle boxes.


A larger gateway perhaps, or maybe a landmark for unspeakable atrocities from the past.


Of the ten men that were working on the construction project, only five escaped to speak of their discovery. The five men claim there were originally 60 boxes discovered, of which only 55 remain. The whereabouts of the five unaccounted for workers, as well as the five “missing” boxes, is still under investigation.

It is said that LeMarchand created close to 300 of his puzzle boxes before his disappearance in 1811. Among his works, the "Lament Configuration" being the most widely recognized by scholars of the occult. His own disappearance steeped in mystery, a blood coated room and a single lament box, in the last place he was known to reside. A fitting end to the man whose work brought the disappearance of hundreds? Or the rebirth of evil into a completely different realm?